Aida Guardai




Aida Guardai was born in Pozzuoli,  a town near Naples,Italy.

She started her artistic career in the eighties .

For many years she lived in the United States and Japan.

Her artistic research begins with the human figure,with some references to conceptual myth.

She studied Art History and Painting Techniques at the Central Texas College.

In Tokyo she participates in a Art Contest, Exhibition of Portraying Japanese Nature

and was accepted to show and exhibit her art work  Momoko in the

Ueno Royal Museum of Art . In Naples for a brief time she attends the workshop with the renown artist Tullia Matania.

Aida Guardai 's resarch for new techiques is continuos so to have the complete freedom of expression.

Today she continues to exhibit in Italy and abroad.


Personal Shows:

2010 - Hymn to Nature - Archeological Site - Bacoli

2011 - Life's Paths - Faculty of Architecture - Federico II - Naples

2013 - Natura Mater - Archeological Site Of Cumae - Bacoli - Naples

2014 - Natura Mater - itinerant exhibition- San Severo al Pendino - Naples

2017 - Chromatic Rhythms - San Severo al Pendino - Naples




National Exhibition of Contemporary Art : Ueno Royal Museum Of Modern Art - Tokyo -Japan


Great Hangups Gallery - Orange Park - Florida


VentiperVenti 4a Edizione del piccolo formato Linea D'Arte - Napoli

III Mostra d'Arte Contemporanea - Granai della Fortezza Orsini - Pitigliano - Tuscany

The Art Of Love for Animals - Enna - Sicily

Personal Show - Hymn to Nature - Archeological Site - Baia - Naples

VentiperVenti - VEdizione small format - LineaDArte - Nples




III Edition of the Prize Giovanni Battista Ruiu - I classified - Pozzuoli - Naples

The Forest Calls - Intrnational Expo of Visual Arts - Stra - Venice

International Biennale of Engraving - Aqui terme - Alessandria - Italy

WWF Oasis Days - Astroni - Naples

Minimal Format Exhibition - Agrigento - Sicily

Praise to the Sea - Museum of the Sea - Pozzuoli

Personal Show - Life Paths - Gallery of the Faculty of Architecture - Federico II - Naples



Symbolism of the Mediterranean Sea - Neptune Temple - Pozzuoli - Naples

Confronted Colors - Collective Show of 5 artists - Apotheca Gallery - Pozzuoli - Naples

AEmilia ArtQuake - Cloisters of Saint Domenico - Reggio Emilia - Italy

Paths - Merolla Palace - Naples

Prize Terna 04 - Virtual Exhibition

23d  Exhibition Art Fair - Gallery Saint Therese - Padova - Italy



Mother Nature - Personal Show - Archeological Site Cuma - Baia - Naples

Collective Show - Apotheca Gallery - Pozzuoli - Naples

Art and Nature - Ramo D'Oro - Bacoli - Naples



Mother Nature - itinerant exhibition - Personal Show - San Severo al Pendino - Naples

Mini Personal Show - Froebeliano Institute - Naples

Extemporaneous Painting - Bacoli - Naples



Mural - 4 Elements - Earth - Stairs of Saint Joseph - Pozzuoli - Naples



Inauguration of the Museum 3M - presentation of the First Artists  in the Saint Francis Convent - Policastro




Personal Show - Chromatic Rhythms - San Severo al Pendino - Naples


Art works that are in public and private collections :


Church of St.Mary                                                                                                                       Trecase,Italy

Italian Museum of Engraving                                                                                               Acqui Terme,Italy

Project 20x20 Arianna Sartori Museum                                                                                    Mantova,Italy                       

The Days of The Oasis 2011 private collection                                                                  Oasi Astroni, Italy

Archeological Monument of Baia private collection                                                                          Baia, Italy

Faculty of Achitecture Federico II                                                                                                Naples ,Italy               

Pio Monte della Misericordia  - Fondazione Mondragone -                                                             Bacoli

Museo 3M                                                                                                                                          Policastro




CAM - Catalogo dell'Arte Moderna - Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori

Catalog Of Contemporary Art                                                                                                       Ueno,Tokyo

Contemporary Artists Aida Guardai                                                                                              Naples,Italy

Historical Library –National Academy of San Luca                                                                       Rome,Italy

National Library Vittorio Emanuele III                                                                                           Naples,Italy

Archivio Monthly Art & Culture magazine                                                                                   Mantova,Italy

Library of Art History Bruno Malajoli                                                                                                        Italy

Catalog Contemporary Art city of Pitigliano editions 2010-2011

Catalog Officinacreativa Lineadarte    20x20 editions 2010-2011

EuroArte periodical Art magazine                 edition    2011-2012

Eikon Magazine - Aphrodite Award 2012    - Italy

Donne nell'Arte -  Italy  






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